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19/03/2016 In this article, we are going to about increasing cache on Kodi. A cache is a hardware or software component, and it is a high-speed access area of main memory or storage device reserved section. Memory Cache and Disk Cache are the two types of cache. So in Kodi, while watching streaming videos and if your video affected by buffering problem, then it’s because of the cache storage reason. 04/02/2020 Related: Kodi Not Working?Possible Issues & Instant Fixes #1 How to Clear Kodi Cache Using Indigo Addon. The Indigo addon is available on the kodi bae repository and also in few other repositories. Using the Indigo addon you can not only clear cache but also remove thumbnails, files, crash logs, unwanted packages, textures, etc. 26/08/2015

Sometimes kodi starts acting sluggish and moves slowly that only means that you need to clear the cache data on your device! What is a cache data in Kodi? It’s a temporary data which is being generated by the kodi addons and other softwares so that every now and then they don’t need to download or get that data, they save it in to the cache!

5 Oct 2017 the video cache,buffering issues kodi fire stick,kodi 17 stuttering playback,kodi 17 stuttering on firestick,kodi 17 stuttering video\r\rShare. 1 Cleanup unused cached images. Main page: Texture Cache Maintenance utility. Kodi does not 

Note: Even if you change the cache settings in Kodi, that won't change how fast have a device with a low amount of local storage, such as 8GB on a Fire TV.

08/06/2020 · How to jailbreak a Firestick; How to install Kodi on Firestick; How to fix buffering on Kodi; Best Kodi Builds; Click here to get Secret Cord-Cutting Tricks directly to your inbox. Legal Disclaimer- FireStickTricks.com does not verify the legality or security of any add-ons, apps or services mentioned on this site. Also, we do not promote, host A cache is usually the good thing but when the cache is over accrued by the to time it will start behaving differently. If cache on KODI is overfilled then the cache will slow down your system and if your disk is running out of disk space then KODI will not work properly, it will work very slow. Read here why even you Need Kodi on your Phone. "Cache" can refer to one of many different types of caches that Kodi uses, and most are not directly related to each other. A cache can refer to any data that is locally saved on the Kodi device and used for fast access to that data. The overall concept of a cache is explained on Wikipedia:Cache (computing).